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I’m a strong believer in that if you don’t invest time and possibly money into learning new things you won’t be able to grow your blog or business. The people on this list are some of the best bloggers out there to learn from and I can honestly say that without them my business wouldn’t be what it is now. So, take a moment and go through the list! You might find your new favorite blog to follow.

Rosie (the amazing person behind Hedera House) should be your go to person if you want to make sure your blogs, newsletters and info products are flawlessly written. On her blog she shares all the tips and tricks you need to catch all those spelling and grammar mistakes before your readers spot them.

Rosie’s Best Stuff
Unboring Your Writing | This completely free email course is seriously mind blowing! I’ve been a copywriter and translator for quite a while and even I learned some new stuff in this email course.
How To Create Your Own Proofreading Checklist
The Step by Step Guide to Writing a Blog Post

Miranda is a crazy talented blogger and VA (seriously, check her + her team out here if you’re looking for a VA. They are more than worth it!). One of the things I admire most about Miranda is how honest and open she is with her people about running a business.

Miranda’s Best Stuff
Monthly Income Reports
How To Be Authentic and Snag Clients In Facebook Groups
60+ Of The Best Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs

Erika’s blog will forever be one of my most favourite blogs. I don’t know how she does it, but with pretty much every blog post, email or product she sends out into the world she seems to make running a business and blog just a little easier. What stands out most about her, however is how she is so active in her own group and genuinely builds a connection with you.

Erika’s Best Stuff
The Classy Ebook | Download it for free on her homepage
My Pro Blog + Biz Facebook Group
50 Proven Ways To Make Your Business Look Professional Online

If you don’t know how epic Regina is you need to check her out now. Like seriously. There is a 110% chance that Regina’s blog posts and info products will blow your mind. Regina is the superwoman of the business world and I’m sure you will feel the same after you’ve checked out her stuff.

Regina’s Best Stuff
Content Prescription Quiz | As soon as I had taken this quiz I sent it to literally all my clients. This free quiz gives you the push to think about how your ideal reader/client consumes content, learns and buys from you and then continues to give you a super in depth guide that guides you through what you need to get people buying your stuff.
Blog Like a Mag
How To Write a Creative Action Plan You Will Actually Follow

Need help getting your Pinterest marketing on track? Summer is your go to person! Learn everything you need to know about Pinterest and running a business over on Summer’s blog. Not really into Pinterest? Summer’s stuff always contains a bunch of helpful tips you can’t afford to miss!

Summer’s Best Stuff
Pinterest For Business Training Series
17 Email Marketing Lessons I Learned From 1 Year With Convert Kit
Pinterest Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Halley’s blog is where you should go if you have a service based business. She’s the queen of everything relating to getting booked out for months (which, let’s be honest, we all want to be!) and over on her blog she offers sound advice that will help you get the kinks out of your own client relationships.

Halley’s Best Stuff
Her Webinars, drunk or otherwise | Sign up right on her home page so you don’t miss any!
10 Mistakes That You’re Making With Your Clients
The #1 Thing You Need To Do If You Own a Client Based Business Online

Mariah and Megan are passionate, super talented business owners here to teach you everything you need to know about blogging, course creation, webinars, how to build your list and so much more. They’re worth the follow, because just like many others on this list they shares more than the standard info.

Mariah & Megan’s Best Stuff
The Ultimate Guide To Creating, Selling and Marketing Your Own Ebooks and Digital Products
2015 Business Review: How I Built My Blog and Business to $100k/month in Less Than a Year
Course Launch Collateral: All The Things You’ll Make For a Launch

Even if you’re not familiar with Melyssa herself you may know her by her previous business name: The Nectar Collective. Melyssa’s blog posts are always filled to the brink with helpful information and I definitely recommend checking out her amazingly helpful Facebook group. It’s one of my favourites!

Melyssa’s Best Stuff
Blog + Biz BFFs
The Blog Audience Blueprint Free Course
9 Ways To Treat Your Blog Like a Business

Heather’s Facebook group will give you an instant feeling of being accepted + give you a completely new place to make new connections all over the world. Creating an amazing community isn’t the only thing she’s good at though! Check out her website and blog for useful information on managing a blog and a business.

Heather’s Best Stuff
The Savvy Business Owners Facebook Group
5 Easy Steps to Create a Viral Challenge
Savvy Masterclasses

If you need to write a sales page Courtney’s blog is the place to go. Her knowledge seems limitless and her teaching style is amazing. Whenever I watch one of her videos, watch one of her webinars or get my hands on any of her other content I always learn something new

Courtney’s Best Stuff
Outline Your Sales Page Webinar | You can sign up for this on her homepage, but if it’s not available I recommend you sign up anyway! Courtney’s emails are never not useful!
The 5 Biggest First Time Launch Mistakes
The Ultimate Copywriting Checklist For Your Next Launch

Courtney helps you get the copy together for your sales page, while Amanda teaches you exactly how to design your sales pages for optimal results. If you have a sales page that’s not converting like you want it to check out her many blog posts on the subject. You may just be able to pinpoint your issue and get those conversion numbers up.

Amanda’s Best Stuff
6 Things You Need Before You Design Your Sales Page
10 Simple Sales Page Tweaks To Get More People Buying
5 Proven Ways To Get More People On Your Sales Page and Buying Your Evergreen Programs

If you’re a web designer needing a web developer sidekick Krista is the girl you need on your team! She offers tons of tips to help you get your business on point + offers awesome services meant to help you focus on the thing you actually want to focus on: creating pretty brands and websites.

Krista’s Best Stuff
Get Back To Design
The #1 You Need To Do To Leave Your 9-5 Job
3 Ways To Excel at Influencer Marketing

I can get lost on Elle’s website for hours (and that isn’t just because the design is so pretty!). Not only is her content ridiculously helpful, but she also offers 10 gorgeous stock photos for free over at Styled Stock Society. Perfect to help you make your next blog post stand out on Pinterest.

Elle’s Best Stuff
Styled Stock Society
10 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following
5 Reasons I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post (And How To Fix Them Right Now)

Abagail and Emylee are the dynamic duo behind Think Creative Collective, which will soon be one of your most favourite sites. They offer a ridiculous amount of valuable (free!!) content over there you definitely want to get your hands on.

Abagail and Emylee’s Best Stuff
How To Use Facebook Live To Grow Your Small Business
How To Sell Anything To Anyone, Anywhere
What To Do If Time Blocking Doesn’t Work For You

If you’re a hopeful designer looking to get your shit together Lauren’s website is going to be the first place you should look. Without her super helpful post on how to create client homework I wouldn’t have created a client process as solid as the one I have right now. Her amazingness doesn’t stop there though. This super woman (or is it super blogger?) wrote so many great posts about running a business and blog you literally cannot afford to miss this one.

Lauren’s Best Stuff
A Helpful Step By Step Guide To Creating Client Homework
7 Tactics To Help You Get To Know Your Ideal Customer
How I Grew My Waiting List To 250+ Prospective Clients

Sarah is the person to follow if you’re just starting out with your business. Her blog posts offer up tons of information about business and blog life, which you’re going to need if you want to succeed with your business.

Sarah’s Best Stuff
7 Ways To Stand Out Online And Grow Your Audience
10 Reasons You Need An Email List Whether You Sell Something Or Not
How To Become The Best Resource In Your Niche

Follow Chaitra if you want to learn everything you need to know to take AMAZING pictures on your phone, get useful information on how to run a blog AND you want beautiful and carefully thought out stock photos (which you can find over at Creative Convex!).

Chaitra’s Best Stuff
Creative Convex
How I Grew My Email List By 3000 In 3 Months
How To Grow Your Audience On BlogLovin’

Follow Paul if you want to get real about what it takes to run a business. I genuinely recommend signing up for his email list, because it will definitely brighten up your Sundays. Neither will Invisible Office Hours, a podcast he hosts with Jason Zook (the only other man in this list. Oops?). Whether he talks about rat people or aliens, Paul’s stuff never disappoints.

Paul’s Best Stuff
The Newsletter
The Freelancer Podcast
Invisible Office Hours

If you have an upcoming launch you kind of need Farideh’s blog in your life. There have been so many times that I’ve read through her blog and found just the little tidbit of info I needed to make my launch plan work just SO MUCH BETTER. I really recommend checking out the Launch Mini Playbook. Please note that you have to scroll down a little to sign up for it!

Farideh’s Best Stuff
The Launch Mini Playbook | You have to scroll down a little to get the freebie!
Launch Strategy Template: The Ultimate No Fluff Guide To Prepare You For Your First Launch
5 Essential Steps Before You Launch

I honestly don’t even know how to describe the (not at all censored) epicness you find on Ash’s blog. Just check out her content below and you’ll see for yourself what I mean!

Ash’s Best Stuff
$199 vs $200: The Difference of a Dollar is Never Just A Dollar
Wanna Be Successful Online? Stop Bullshiting. Tell Your TRUTH.
The Dirty 30 Commandments of Working For Yourself: How To Slay Like an Unfuckwithable Boss

It takes a lot to make me really look up to someone, but the way Caressa not only rocks at being a mom AND rocks at bringing out the best content ever all at the same time is amazing to me. So yes. Follow her, because you’re going to learn stuff you can apply to your business pretty much immediately.

Caressa’s Best Stuff
How To Conquer Your Business Day As a Work At Home Mama
5 Excuses New Entrepreneurs Make Up in Their Minds
A Quick Way to Cripple Your Growth In Your Business + How to Ensure You Don’t

Jenna is the super clever and kick ass lady behind You Can Brand and one of my most favourite business people to get freebies from, because all of her stuff is just SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Jenna’s Best Stuff
The Course Launch Checklist
The 3 Absolute Musts For Creating An Online Course
Google Keep – The Most Beautiful To Do List Ever To Get Shit Done

If you have a WordPress website and want to know how to use it without a headache you need to follow Alyssa! Her website is filled to the brink with information everyone with a WordPress website needs to know. You know, just to make your life easier.

Alyssa’s Best Stuff
Are These 6 Things Slowing Down Your Blog?
The Blogger’s Guide To Google Analytics
WordPress Vs SquareSpace: Which Is The Best Choice For You

Going to DIY your own blog? Marianne’s website should definitely be a permanent bookmark in your browser! I know I’ve used the word useful like 47827 times already, but her website really is filled with awesomely useful information you can’t pass up on if you want to go the DIY route.

Marianne’s Best Stuff
How To Avoid Potential Pitfalls in DIY Blog Design
How To Get Traffic To Your Blog With Facebook Groups For Bloggers
How To Offer Content Upgrades With a Fake Leadpages Landing Page

Jason is probably most known for doing stuff like selling his last name, starting a business called I Wear Your Shirt (which is pretty self-explanatory I think) and obviously providing the world with epic info on business, launching and even on how to deal with life. You really want to sign up for his newsletter, simply because I’m sure it will bring you joy.

Jason’s Best Stuff
The Best Launch Email You’ll Ever Write
The Action Army Podcast
The Action Army Newsletter

That’s it. 25 of the most amazing role models I admire, without whom my business would never be as it is today. What are your favourite people in the business/blogging world and why? Share it below!