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I tell people this all the time: If I can start a business anyone can. Maybe you don’t know how (yet) or maybe you’ve been running a business and want to learn more about how you can profit. That’s exactly why Amber Creative Co. is here.

About Amber Creative Co.

Amber Creative Co. helps creatives create a business that makes it able for them to support themselves and their family. I don’t believe in the whole get rich quick schemes, but I do believe in one thing: Your ability to build a business that you love and that makes it able for you to live the life you want to live. Let me help you reach that goal by teaching you everything I know in my blog posts, my newsletter, and my free and paid products. This business is about giving as much free value as the value you’ll get from my paid products so you can profit and only invest when you’re ready for it.

Who I s Amber Anyway? 

I am the person behind Amber Creative Co. (duh!) where I teach people about business, blogging and marketing. I also create websites, brands and more. Over the past 3+ years I have owned multiple businesses (failed overpriced Etsy stores anyone?), but I didn’t get serious about it until 2014 when I got kicked out of college (Social worker apparently wasn’t for me). I needed cash and I needed it fast. I found a website where I could offer my freelance services and from the moment I first started writing articles I got hooked. That was the moment Amber Creative Co. (formally The Ultimate Business Book + Amber Does Freelancing) was born. The rest is history.

When I’m not running this business I watch way too many TV series for my own good, try out recipes I found on Pinterest (I never get them quite right) or I’m freaking out about how cool birds are, because BIRDS! I always say I’m the bird equivalent of the crazy cat lady, but people never believe me (until they see my house).

Want to know more?  Come and talk to me!